How Australia’s No Voting Christians could react to this Historic Day.

The sun will soon be setting on what was one of the most historic days in Australian history.

The definition of marriage, as being exclusively between a man and a woman, that has stood for decades in this country, and centuries across the world, was revealed to be rejected by 61% of Australians who voted in favor of including Same Sex couples in this definition in a recent postal survey on Same Sex Marriage.

The campaigns on both sides were at times ugly and always passionate. Yes campaigners have been hurt deeply, and no campaigners were also wounded just as much. From car window’s being smashed, to physical altercations and online harassment, Australia has shown some of it’s worst colours during this season.

And now that the vote result has been released, all parties, including Australia’s No Voting Christians, have an opportunity to show their colours once again.

This evening, as workmates gather in bars and restaurants for conversations, families sit down to discuss the day around dinner tables, and millions take to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post their feelings from the day, and read and view the many feelings of others, I seek to offer some advice. This advice may be helpful for all Australian’s, but I especially offer it to the No Voting Christian Community.

Now is the time, more than ever, for true and genuine love to be on display.

I have found this campaign to be outrageously hypocritical from the “Yes” side, in that it has been all about “LOVE” and yet there has been so much hate toward the “No” side. One friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that all her No voting friends should delete her as a friend as they were “disgusting, bigoted, narrow minded ****s”. Today I read that a newsreader who had voted Yes said in response to the results, “SUCKED IN OPPOSING SIDE!”

I understand hate hasn’t been in the hearts of all Yes voters, but it has been in the heart of some, and although hate was a part of some “Yes” campaigners hearts, I urge you, Australian No Voting Christians, to not let ANY hate be a part of YOUR heart AT ALL in your response to this result.

Not one ounce of it.

You can hate the situation, but don’t hate the souls. You can hate the politics of it all, but don’t hate the people. You can hate the situation, but don’t hate your sister. You can hate the boasting, but don’t hate your brother.


I am not saying you need to celebrate this result. Mourn for it if you’d like (I personally spent time today repenting before God on behalf of our nation and praying for this country). What I am saying is keep (or start!) loving.

I know that this is difficult to do when this topic can seem so personal, but just as Jesus loved and forgave those that opposed Him whilst He was dying for them, I urge you to love the hell out of all people and forgive them again and again.

I can see tomorrow’s newspaper head lines now, “LOVE WINS!”

What if the papers were celebrating the attitude of No Voting Christian’s across the country through that statement!?

Regretting yet respecting, losing yet loving, and all the while keeping their eyes on Jesus and His mission to redeem the world that does not change with shifts in laws and legislation.

This isn’t the church’s first rodeo friends, Australian Christians aren’t being thrown in gladiator arena’s, and no one is piercing our hands with nails or placing a crown of thorns on our heads, but even if they did we would forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Australian No Voting Christians, let it be said as you respond, LOVE WINS.

– Andrew

John 13:34 “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” (NLT)




One thought on “How Australia’s No Voting Christians could react to this Historic Day.

  1. Thank you Andrew I so neeed to read this. Wonderfully written such an awesome perspective Love Wins and we have the chance to love and get on our knees praying for our country.


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