Just over 10 years ago I was a drunk depressed mess. I was a university drop out, and I was full of shame and regret.

Then, one night in a bar, God miraculously encountered me with His unconditional love, and He has totally transformed my life.

I now minister all over the globe, sharing the good news of Jesus and how He can transform others’ lives too.

I’m all about God’s Kingdom, and all about His glory.

When I preach I rely on the Holy Spirit to lead me and I regularly see miracles, signs and wonders, wherever I go, from the blind seeing, to the deaf hearing.

The most exciting miracle of all though, is the miracle of salvation. I never tire of the celebration that takes place when someone grasps what Jesus did for them on the cross and how much He loves them.

I never did complete my Bachelors, but I now hold a Masters from Fuller Seminary in Global Leadership and will soon hold a Doctorate in Intercultural Studies! How good is God?!

I’m passionate about you too, having your own miraculous encounter with the love of Christ. I believe your life, and the lives around you, can be radically transformed by the power of the cross. I spend much of my time waking up the existing church to it’s identity in God, and inviting others into that amazing identity also. I’m also passionate about seeing churches engage in neighbor to neighbor interaction and church planting.

I believe that the Holy Spirit is the difference that makes the difference for many Christians, and that the church is at its best when surrendered to God’s Spirit and His will.

I invite you to read my blog, buy my book, or hear or book me as a live speaker.

I’ve served churches all over the world, from Asia to Alaska, from mega-churches to missional communities. I’d love to serve your world too.

My heart is to be a resource for you. Contact me anytime.

Thanks for stopping by.

– Andrew Scarborough